Paul Hatton

Professor Paul Hatton, Professor of Biomaterials Science and Honorary Non-Clinical Investigator, University of Sheffield 2016

"Edward leads on a number of collaborative projects between JRI Ltd. and my research group at the University of Sheffield. He is extremely knowledgeable of both orthopaedic medical devices and new regenerative technologies, insightful, helpful and trustworthy, and as a result he brings much to enhance our research. Moreover, we share the view that productive relationships between businesses and universities can give cities and regions the competitive edge in a rapidly changing world, and Edward has also been very supportive of our wider initiatives to promote more extensive collaboration."

Simon Lambert

Mr Simon Lambert, Consultant Orthopaedic Shoulder & Elbow Surgeon, Royal National Orthoapedic Hospital, Stanmore 2013

"Edward is a biomechanical scientist and innovator who works at the interface between mechanics and biotechnology with a particular interest in the clinical application of translational research in orthopaedic implants. His skills and successes come in building collaborative networks, bringing together people with the requisite skills to create novel technological responses to clinical problems."

Prof Angus Wallace

Professor Angus Wallace, Professor of Orthopaedic and Accident Surgery, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, University of Nottingham 2012

"Edward is very innovative and has been a huge help with implant development designs."

Professor tony miles

Professor Tony MilesProfessor of Biomechanics and Director of the Centre for Orthopaedic Biomechanics, University of Bath 2012

"I have known Ed Draper as a colleague over a number of years from when he was at UCL and now more recently in his post as Innovations Manager at JRI. 

Ed has an extensive range of expertise in orthopaedic biomechanics and biomaterials and an excellent publications in high quality journals. These testify to his very broad range of experience and his skill set will be a very valuable resource to JRI in his current post."

Professor Julia Shelton

Professor Julia Shelton, Professor of Biomechanical Engineering, Queen Mary University of London 2012

"Edward is a dynamic and innovative entrepreneur. He has demonstrated great enthusiasm for developing products and design concepts. He has supported teaching at Queen Mary, University of London through describing industrial concepts in getting a product to market and the challenges that are faced by the Medical Devices Industry. This has been inspirational for our students.

Sara Sleigh

Sara Sleigh, Research and Business Development Manager, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, University of Nottingham 2012

"Edward brought huge knowledge, enthusiasm and drive to the projects we worked on together to deliver grant applications for innovative solutions in orthopaedics. He has been very supportive, helping to deliver projects smoothly and on time."

[Sara worked with me in one of her previous roles]

John Suggitt

John Suggitt, Senior Product Manager, JRI Orthopaedics 2012

"During the last two years of working with Edward I have found him accommodating and helpful. He has a fast knowledge of the scientific aspects of orthopaedic regenerative medicine but is able to decimate that information in a clear and concise way. He is constantly enthusiastic and positive in his business dealings even under a heavy workload. Happy to recommend Edward.

Nigel Smith

Nigel Smith, Senior Lecturer (Honorary) at University College London 2012

"Edward as the Innovation Manager at JRI Orthopaedics. 

Ed is a sound engineer and scientist who has adapted to develop creative and innovative approaches to problem solving within the Medical Technologies area.

Andrew Scott-Priestley

Andrew Scott-Priestley, Associate Director at CN Consultancy Ltd 2012

"Edward was appointed to create and lead a new path of innovation within the company. He has brought vision and encouraged innovation and creativity throughout the organisation which enhances its already substantial reputation within the orthopaedic market."

Professor James Busfield

Professor James Busfield, Professor of Materials and Director of Industrial Engagement, Queen Mary University of London 2012

"Edward collaborated on a couple of projects related to implant design that were tackled by groups of our 3rd year students. Edward's energy and enthusiasm is clearly evident in the student interactions.

David Shea

David Shea, Consultant to Medical Devices Industry 2012

"Edward brings both enthusiasm and experience to the development of new technology within the area of orthopaedic regenerative medicine, supporting his line management colleagues with leadership, guidance and encouragement."

Ian Revie

Ian Revie, EU Developing Markets Marketing Leader at Invibio Biomaterial Solutions 2012

"Edward is a leader in the area of Regenerative Medicine in Orthopaedics where his vision of the possible helps to facilitate technology development in innovative new directions.

Ifty Ahmed

Dr Ifty Ahmed, Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham 2012

"It’s great to receive industrial support from people such as Edward...without which researchers such as myself would be severely hampered in trying to go forward with new initiatives. Thank you Ed."

Judith Curran

Dr Judith Curran, Lecturer in the Centre for Materials and Structures in the School of Engineering, University of Liverpool 2012

"I have worked with Edward on projects that translate basic research, relating to optimised cell material interactions, into useable clinical and commercial applications. Edward has provided a wealth of expertise and guidance regarding project planning and the targets that need to be met to make a project commercially viable and also scalable. His connections and expertise of business, funding opportunities and basic science have been invaluable in progressing this cutting edge research into specific orthopaedic clinical targets.

Philippa Hedley-Takhar

Philippa Hedley-Takhar, Head of Investment & Partnerships at Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network (YHAHSN) 2012

"Edward's work at JRI is at the forefront of activity to enable the significant UK and regional orthopaedic business base and SME supply chain to benefit from emerging opportunities in regenerative medicine. Creative Sheffield are committed to supporting the growth of healthcare technology businesses within the Sheffield city region by facilitating continuous innovation for repetitive advantage. Therefore, I value extremely highly Edward's proactive partnership working with industry, the knowledge base and the public sector; his ambassadorial activity; and his commitment to innovation to create competitive advantage for UK medical manufacturing and healthcare technology and to ultimately enhance patient care. I look forward to working with Edward in the future in order to benefit from his considerable expertise.

[Pippa worked with me in one of her previous roles]

Professor Julian Jones

Professor Julian Jones, Professor of Biomaterials, Imperial College London 2012

"Edward has been great to work with. He has great passion for what he does and is always keen to discuss ideas. Importantly, he responds rapidly to communications, which is necessary in a fast moving field."

Professor Sarah Cartmell

Professor Sarah Cartmell, Professor of Bioengineering at The University of Manchester 2012

"Edward has significant expertise in research development. I am working with him on an innovative orthopaedic project and he has contributed greatly in terms of translation of the products being developed.

Kerry Acton

Mr Kerry Acton, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Royal Surrey County Hospital and Nuffield Health Guildford Hospital 2012

"Edward Draper has great experience and amazing enthusiasm for orthopaedic product design. He applies his intellect to problems in an impressive manner and I cannot hesitate to endorse his work.


Donal Hempenstall, Medical Device Regulatory Affairs, Johnson & Johnson 2010

"I worked with Edward on a project that had lost its leader, Edward joined to take the leadership role and applied his energy and drive to enervate and focus the team achieving a timely result for the project.

[Donal worked with me in one of his previous roles]

Anne Roque

Dr Anne Roques, Chief R&D Engineer, Aurora Medical Ltd, University of Southampton 2010

"Edward is a creative designer with a vast experience in the design and development of medical devices. His motivation and enthusiasm as a project manager are always focused on on-time and on-budget delivery."

[Anne worked with me in one of her previous roles]

Mark Kelleher

Mark Kelleher, Director, HinKell Engineering Solutions 2010

"Edward managed to turn around one of the largest projects this company has run. He is clear headed even under pressure and is able to work well with anyone from shop floor to Consultant Surgeons.

I have no hesitation in recommending Edward.

[Mark worked with me in one of his previous roles]

Bill McDonald

Bill McDonald, Orthopaedic, Spine and Trauma New Technology Commercialization Specialist 2010

"Edward is an excellent engineer but so much more. I have worked with Edward at Finsbury Orthopaedics where he was Principle Design Engineer. He interfaced well with surgeons, co-workers and the sales force. His background brings so much more to the table than the 'typical implant engineer'."

Jeremy Linskell

Jeremy Linskell, AT Consultant, NHS Tayside 2010

"I was privileged to share an office with Edward in my first post and was able to see at first hand what a Bioengineer was and what he should aspire to be. We have maintained both personal and professional contact since. He has excellent analytical, engineering and communication skills coupled with a deep understanding of biological systems. He has applied these skills thoroughly and with dedication to many areas of Bioengineering. His ability to address challenging problems from first principles and eloquently convey his point of view ensure that he will continue to succeed throughout his career, within Bioengineering and beyond.

[Jeremy worked with me in one of his previous roles]